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At Smile BrightTM, you will experience a fresh, white smile at the speed of light. We guarantee a brand new smile 4 shades whiter than what you currently have-- and it’s just a 20-minute session away. Pharmaceutical grade whitening gel and a professional tooth whitening system is what we use to get you looking years younger. At Smile BrightTM, we pride ourselves on making the world a brighter place, one smile at a time.

Simply purchase and open your mouth tray, which contains our special Smile BrightTM whitening gel, place the tray in your mouth and have a comfortable seat in front of our cutting-edge LED light. Our aesthetic professional is there to ensure you have a pleasant experience and verify your teeth shade before and after your whitening. See the results when you’re done! This process is completely non-invasive, self-administered and safe!


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